Question by CJ: If the TEXANS go to the superbowl this year what color jersey will they where?
Red,White, or dark blue also stop saying there bad Kubiack is a good coach schaub is a great weapon he throws far and accurate the WRs and TEs (A.jhonson O Daniels ) have all gotten better and amazing not to Include the amazing defense if you say they suck you must be hating cause your teams not that good

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Answer by Kevin
Most likely it will be the Blue Home jersey! and I hate to say it, but the Texans will not be as good offensively as they were last year, although the return of a healthy Brian Cushing will help to improve the defense making it better than last year. I rank the Texans 6th in the AFC and 11th overall.
They will make the playoffs and lose first round.

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