Question by : Is this whole Richard Sherman thing being blown out of proportion?
Before anyone calls me a Seahawks fan, I’m actually rooting for Denver this SB, and I wanted San Francisco to win because their secondary isn’t as lethal as Seattle‘s…but…I have NO problem with what Richard Sherman did.

Honestly, I actually support what Richard Sherman said. I don’t want a Jonathan Martin NFL where everyone wants to feel sorry, always be a team sport, and sympathize with the loser. What Sherman said was worthy in my opinion. He can talk the talk, and back it up. Why are people mad at that?

Aren’t you guys bored of the generic post game interviews? I can pull one right now out of my rear. “Well, Erin, you know the 49ers were doing well, and they’re such a great team. Kaepernick is a hell of a player, and we rallied and made plays. We were down, but this team is something special, and we pulled out the comeback because we have good chemistry and we’ve been practicing for these moments under our awesome coach Pete Carroll. I’m thankful for God for this opportunity.”

EVERYONE gives an interview response like that. It’s so generic, it’s extremely boring.

Who cares if someone is hyped up and has confidence in their ability? This is an athletic, tall, guy went to Stanford, second best school in America, is playing in the Super Bowl…guess what? He has everything he wants. His life is better than yours. He’s having fun.

Also, what in the world did you expect talking to a guy minutes after he made one of the most athletic plays in postseason history to send his team to the Super Bowl?

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Answer by Andy
I agree it is being blown slightly out of proportion. I’m slightly biased due to me living in Seattle and being a die-hard Seahawks fan. Sherm has always been like that, even at Stanford, and only because of the size of the game is why it is getting so much attention. Richard talks the talk, but he can sure walk the walk. Arguably the best corner in the game, he spend hours preparing for his opponents and I believe he has every right to, after saving the game in the final second to send his team to the Superbowl.

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