NFL Football Card Collector Box with Over 500 Cards

  • Over 500 NFL Trading Cards – Great Starter Kit for New Collectors
  • Cards from the 1980s, 1990s & 2000s – Maybe 1970s????
  • Taken from huge warehouse lot, unsearched and so many cards to enjoy!!!
  • Great Times for Older Collectors – Go through and see what you can find
  • Many May List this, but few can deliver, what this amazing product for aound 5.00

The perfect starter set for the beginning collector. In this card collecting storage box you will find over 500 football cards from different manufacturers and years. Over 25 years of trading card and football history in one box. The cards vary from box to box and may differ somewhat from what is pictured. We try to include Semi or Star Vintage Cards in the collection … – Not Junk Commons a good mix of cards and stars!!!

List Price: $ 400.00

Price: $ 8.88

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