Question by c dog: nfl…question bout the denver broncos….?
hey…my favorite team in the nfl is the denver broncos… and think theyre going to have a great season this yr. and many to come….cutler and brandon marshall are becomng beasts and our defense looks solid with the best cornerback tandem in the league…they’re preason looked pretty impressive…so i think they look pretty well do u think they do good…and do u think theyre superbowl or playoff contenders again…..i do….thanks

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Answer by Dan
Sorry boss, they are a wild card team at best. I would be very surprised if they finish with a better record than SD.

Even at that, I really don’t think any team will get past NE, SD or IND in the AFC.

But, anything is possible and that is why they play the game. I think they are only going to get better though. I’ll give DEN a 10-6 record.

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