Question by mike 64: How do you feel about the Tim Tebow Ad that will air tomorrow during the superbowl?
The Pro-choice group started a petition telling CBS not to air the Ad. We Pro-Lifers also started our petition showing our support. We are overwhelming more in numbers. Face Book has over 215,000 members in a group called “support Tebow’s super bowl Ad” The Choice groups don’t even have 1000. Thank you America for showing us that we are overwhelmingly PROLIFE and hopefully one day we will overturn Roe vs. Wade.
the question: how do you feel about the Tim Tebow Ad.

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Answer by Ultima Pressure
Keep dreaming the dream. Though you’re abit wrong on the Roe vs Wade overturn. You got no chance and never will at overturning that, less than short of becoming a theocracy.

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