Question by Timmy B?: When Richard Sherman and the rest of the Seahawks lose?
Will he be mad bro? Or does he already know that the Seahawks wont be the same without the Adderall dispenser in the locker room?
@Ax – HAHA! We all know Seattle cant play on the road buddy! Its sad when your most important player is your fans. Better luck next year.
@Carolina – PLEASE! The Pats have been a dominating team for over 10 years now. Name me some other NFL teams that made 5 Super Bowl appearances in the past 12 years. And how many of them won 3 rings? How many of them have a record comparable to the Patriots in the past 10 years? I couldnt think of any either.

@Ax – The Texans played man coverage too, how did that work out for them? And for your info, that 49ers man coverage gave up 4 TDs on 4 consecutive drives moron. You’re so dumb that you said Tom Brady cant pass in man coverage? LOL! That Pats lost because of 4 fumbles, and a kickoff return you dope! WTF does that have to do with Brady passing the ball moron?

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Answer by Ax
look at the cry baby Timothy B,
Seattle has already proven they can beat the best of the best they are 4-1 against playoff teams thats teh best in the entire NFL.
Sherman is the best Corner in the entire NFL,
Browner is a top corner also.

Seattle beats the foreskins 34-14

Oh and how can the patriots be contenders of this years super bowl?
they cant pass against man coverage, (watch film on the 49ers game if you dont believe)

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